Exploring, Photographing and Preserving the Natural Landscapes of the Atlantic Coast of the United States

The coalitions purpose is to bring attention to the natural landscapes and environments of the Eastern United States through photography, encourage stewardships and respect for the land and to educate and inspire photographers who share a love of nature.

The ACPC consists of six east coast based landscape & nature photographers: Joseph Rossbach, Kurt Budliger, Taylor Stone, Tony Sweet, Benjamin Willimason & Richard Bernabe.  Our goal is to continue to inspire photographers through new images, the written word and educational based programs to explore, capture and protest the nature and the landscape of the eastern US and beyond. 

The website is a great learning space and we regularly will be adding new articles, videos and outings in the Eastern United States. Make sure you sign up for our quarterly newsletter where you can learn from us and explore new ways to stay involved.

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